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July 23, 2021by Jenna Chidwick
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AdApp pharmacy drone app is the start of contactless delivery for medicines.

The AdApp project is the start of a contactless delivery method for medicines through a pharmacy drone app. This is the start of what could be an everyday reality, e-prescription. With this idea, Grünthal and Scheffler turned to the “Translation Region for Digitized Health Care” alliance by the University Medical Center Halle (Saale). DiAvEn in Berlin then completed the project along with the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in logistics.

On March 31st, 2021, the project was launched with the help of Prime Minister Dr. Reiner Haseloff, the Dean of the University Medicine Halle (Saale), Prof. Dr. Michael Gekle, and the President of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Jörg Bagdahn. As stated by Prime Minister Haseloff, “Digitization is the future issue of our time… and proceeding rapidly,” together, this group supports innovating ways for health care means to be delivered.

The AdApp project focuses on developing the pharmacy drone app and how it operates to assist people in need of care, people who have restricted mobility, or people living in rural areas with limited options and resources.  The main feature, the e-prescription, will make contactless delivery solutions with a high standard of safety measures from the pharmacy to the person for whom it is intended. The drone app will assure safe communication between the user, recipient, and drone. AdApp will adapt its Labfly transport and honor aviation law, as Tim Fischer, Managing Director of DiAvEn. AdApp project brings together science and business that could potentially strengthen our movement of medicine logistics.

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