Fast and efficient small and medium sized delivery

Labfly DiAvEn Delivery Drone Fast Medical Goods Schematic

AUTOMATED AERIAL DELIVERYWe make sure, your goods are delivered automated, safe and secure.

The One-in-all Drone Delivery System is using german engineered technology with highest quality standards in safety, security and ease-of-use.
Automated Drone Delivery
Deliver any small good within a range of 10 km.

Reliable Transportation

New intelligent flight mode where drone flies along
Delivery Payload & Distance
Our Drone LFX1000 is able to carry 1 kg of weight and reach a distance of 25 km.
Precise Localisation System
One of the many features from DiAvEn is the precise localisation system. With this innovation, our drones fly fully automated, which means they start, fly and land fully automated.
Full Automatic Flight
DiAvEn is one of the few companies worldwide that provides fully automated drone flights.
Speed up your deliveries
Fully automated and safe Deliveries
Electric powered drone

Secure and safe aerial deliveryWe define safety and security as our number one priority

Almost every part of the development effort goes into safety and security
Anti Collision System
The Drone has a one-of-a -kind anti collision system.
Rescue System
To secure the flights, DiAvEn has developed its own rescue system.
Labfly DiAvEn Delivery Drone Fast Medical Goods Schematic
Redundant Propulsion
Safe flights are the number one priority within our work. That is why we have developed a redundant propulsion system to secure the safety of every flight
Rain Proof
Our Drones are designed to fly within various weather conditions. Rain and Wind up to 20 knots are possible.

All Products are easily controlled
and simple to use via Web App

Secure Web App
Our Web App works server-independent to secure the safety of the Web App
Proven User Experience
Our Interface is regularly tested by our customers to ensure the best user experience.
Learn more about Labfly
Please get in touch to learn more about Labfly and how it will benefit your business!
Innovative, fast and secure aerial transportation and delivery drone systems


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